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This one was created via communication over the Darknet with our Portland conspirators Base Camp Brewing. These harbingers of yeast from the other side of the world are uniquely skilled in the art of concealment, so like a bearded mule, a special yeast was carried - possibly inserted - from Portland to Auckland before being quickly hand pitched into our shiny fermenter unbeknownst to the flashing lights of any jurisdiction intervention.

International Saison

5.5% ALC./VOL.

A traditional romantic Saison conjuring up hazy visions of skipping through lush Belgian fields, hand-laced wicker baskets swing under arm while supplying a soft spiced ale from smiling farmhouse to smiling farmhouse… WELL BOLLOCKS TO THAT!

Like a spy movie phone tap you’ll trace hops from Japan, to Australia, to USA, and back to NZ. It’s a fruity as all hell beer having a conversation with a spicy, zesty suspect Saison. There is that classic herbal aroma we all crave, possibly undercut with a tinge of salty musk on the tongue… A tell tale sign of it’s nefarious journey?