Trans Pacific Pale Ale

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4.0% ALC./VOL.

We brewed Transpacific pale ale (TPPA) craft beer as a bit of tongue in cheek.Considering there had been plenty of media interest in the TPPA I thought it'd be a good idea to use that anagram. "I thought it was a given really," Wood said.

The beer was made using hops from trans-pacific partners including New Zealand, Japan, Australia and the US. "It's a pretty hoppy beer." The variation of hops gave the 4 per cent beer an interesting flavour profile.

It had soft malt flavours like hay bales. The Japan hops gave it a coconut texture. The US and New Zealand hops gave it tropical fruit flavours such as passionfruit and gooseberry and the Australian hops produced hints of banana and watermelon. "Everyday it changes of course, for a little beer it's got a pretty complex flavour profile."


We brewed the 4 per cent beer for a session beer competition being held at Brothers Beer in Auckland. The annual competition, now in its third year, will have 26 craft brewers put forward their best session beers of 4 per cent alcohol or lower.

The TPPA fermented in about three days, he chucked some dry hops in for two days before refrigeration and filtration on day seven, he said.

"I left it till the last minute to be fair, which is OK because small beers ferment fast."