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Auckland Super Pale Ale

5.5% ALC./VOL.

Rackets! They’re potentially the sexiest rock group alive. Three dudes, sweat, fedoras, Hawaiian shirts, loud noises, sweat, nakedness, sweat, stank, and more goats thrown than you can imagine, and sweat. Did I mention sweat?


Rackets Loves beer. Rackets Loves Music. Music Loves Beer. Music Loves Rackets. Love Music Rackets. Love Racket Music. It’s a Racket. Rackets is a Racket. Rackets Music is a Racket. Rackets Beer is a Racket. It stinks like all the good things good beer is supposed to stink like. Like all the blood sweat and tears that went into it. Minus the blood and the tears. It also smells like dank too. It looks like a lager. But it’s not. It’s just Super Pale. What a Racket. Download Rackets Music for free at racketsonline.bandcamp.com