Uprising West Auckland Pale Ale

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The time has come for an uprising against this oppression by scheming central city capitalist corporations who dribble Westies beer made by enslaved machines! Join the uprising! Prohopetarians unite! Save West Auckland from mediocrity, follow the true path to rewarding ales my comrades!

West Auckland Pale Ale

5.7% ALC./VOL.

Our once grand old public houses now stand filled with flavourless brown froth.   A pitiful reward for our hard working West Auckland brethren!


Darkest Days

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Oatmeal Stout

6.0% ABV./VOL.

It doesn't have to always be about hops. With the surging popularity of overtly hoppy beer, there's an extreme demand for the aromatic little flowers.

Enjoy full bodied bitter chocolate and espresso notes, with a rich texture, at cellar temperature with your friends and family.

The history of beer has never seen such overwhelming pressure on the international hop supply. With entire crops unavailable to the smaller brewery, these are the Darkest Days for the hard-core hop heads.

But this isn't about hops. This is about a delicious oatmeal stout, darker and more ominous that your hopped up fears. Challenge your palate with this, decidedly, devilish drop.


The Elixer Extra Pale Ale

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Extra Pale Ale

4.7% ALC./VOL.



Elixir Bright Ale has in addition to its valuable qualities as a thirst quenching beverage, mystical properties that act mildly on the nub ends of one’s tongue sending peachy tropical signals to the grey matter, which highly commend it; and yet these properties are in no way indicative of taking medicine. Every mouthful of this delicious beverage is prepared under the PERSONAL SUPERVISION OF MR JOSEPH WOOD ESQUIRE THE FIRST. It is comprised of the finest selected Domestic Malts and hand plucked Amarillo and Nelson Sauvin Hops.


Yakima Scarlet

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Hoppy Red Ale

6.9% ALC./VOL.

My original records for this beer date back to a batch of home brew in June 2007. It was a beer called IPA Massacre. It was brewed three times under this moniker with minor tweaks along the way.

Yakima Scarlet Bottle
Yakima Scarlet Hoppy Red Ale

There were no less than seven iterations of this beer brewed before releasing what you hold in your hands right now. I still don't know what style of beer it is, but I can tell you that it is hoppy and it is red.

The most significant tweak I made to the recipe was changing it to using hops grown in Washington USA. Accordingly, in January 2011 the name was changed to Yakima Scarlet.


Enjoy drinking years of transmogrification, at refrigeration temperature with your friends or family.


Sauvin Bomb

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The only scantily clad woman in this bottle is the delicately sweet malt aroma, riding that savage Hop Bomb all the way through the long, stormy night sky until it hits your tongue…


7.0% Alc./Vol.

There is no doubt that this label contains imagery some people will possibly find objectionable. Those people might allude to the fact that it may be somewhat suggestive. To those people, I make no apologies: and I’ll tell you why.

Where you can expect the flavour to explode onto your palate. Enjoy the taste of Nelson Sauvin hops responsibly, at refreshing refrigeration temperature with your friends or family.